High Torque 
Direct-Drive Smartbelt Motor
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Linear motion with a PUNCH!

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Direct Drive "Smart" Belt Motor

The SBM125-Series is a new Generation of Single side mounted 3-phase AC-Servo PMSM motors specifically designed for High Dynamic applications in the packaging equipment industry

Unique Design

Unique formfactor to enable compact "smart" conveyor systems and easy Belt maintenance. Direct Drive technology for high position accuracy and fast response to load and/or position variations

"Smart" Belt Motor features

The SBM125 and DBM125 families of motors are unique in it's shape, performance and ease of use!
Highly Dynamic

Highly Dynamic

- Fast response to load and/or position variations
- High position accuracy.
- Single turn absolute encoder (no homing or magnetic realignment)
- Compatible with industry standard 3-phase Motor drives.

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Unique Form factor

Unique Form factor

- Unique form factor to enable compact belt systems.
- Easy conveyor belt swap due to single side mount.
- Clean & stylish design.
- Easily removable and adaptable HUB geometry.

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Zero maintenance

Zero maintenance

- No gears or external gearbox (no oil or grease)
- Zero motor maintenance
- Zero backlash

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Easy customizable

Easy customizable

- Easily removable and customizable HUB geometry for custom crowning or lagging

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