About LMT systems

LMT Systems,LLC develops and manufactures application specific, high performance, high efficiency rotary and linear motors.

We specialize in developing motor solutions that are form factor efficient, provide product differentiation for our customers and eliminate the need for gear boxes through the use of high torque Direct-Drive technology.

high performance motion technology,

Higher Energy Efficiency, Compact design, Higher power density or more Torque in the same formfactor……..these are some of the challenges that our customers target us with.

Over the past 20 years our Team of specialists has gained the skills to tackle all of these challenges.
We have developed solutions for a wide variety of applications in the semiconductor, off-shore, defence, packaging and consumer industry.

Our First-Time-Right design philosophy is supported by enhanced modeling tools and a detailed understanding of the physics of electric motors.

This know-how enables us to design the optimal Electric Motor for your application.

LMT Systems maintains U.S. and Netherlands based engineering, production and sales facilities along with Asian based manufacturing centers.

Share with us your Electric motor requirements!


LMT Systems USA
Phone: +1 231 714 9775

LMT Systems Europe
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