Moving Magnet Actuator MMA-6033-ENS-LS

The MMA-6033-ENS-LS is a Moving magnet actuator for use in production automation. Utilizing technology developed for aerospace applications, it integrates linear guiding, incremental feedback and a NEMA frame size 34 mounting interface. The MMA is ready for direct use in your application.

Typical applications can be found in production automation where an accurate and fast linear motion is required.

  • High reliability and lifetime due to the absence of moving wires
  • Compact design
  • No heat load on the moving part
  • Suitable for vacuum environments
  • High peak and continuous force possible
  • Simple control through integrated sensor

Technical Data MMA-6033-ENC-LS

Parameter [unit] Value Remark
Stroke  [mm] 8 Internal end stops integrated
Force constant, Back EMF constant [N/A, Vs/m] Middle position 8.3
Coil resistance [Ohm] 1.4
Coil inductance [mH] 1.1
F continuous [N] Middle position 38.4
F peak [N] Middle position 259
Max. operating voltage [V] 48
Moving mass [kg] 0.26
Encoder Type Incr A,B,Z
Encoder resolution [micron] 20
Encoder interface RS-422 Balanced signal lines
Encoder Supply Voltage [V] 5

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